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Welcome to the Jim Smith Fan Club

please send your funniest memories of Jim or Elenor to I am also asking for any other memories of Elenor please send them to me.

Remember those "Fun with Dick and Jane" books?  The
Winter Fun with Jim and Eleanor:
A Look-See Story
by the Pascoes and Donna
Setting:  Mamoth Lakes Ski Resort
Time:    Christmas 1973
Look Jim.  The snow is nice.
We don't need ski lessons.  Lets get that ski bum over there to teach us!
Lets go over to that chair lift.
Here we go!
We are up so high!  Look at the tiny people!
How do you get off this thing?
I'll go right, you go left.
Plop!  Plop!
Look, Jim, look!  See Pat and Bob?
Plop!  Plop!
Lets ski down the hill.
Look, Jim, look!  See the tree?
Isn't it big?  What a big tree!
How do I stop?
Uh oh!
Look, look, look!
See Eleanor up in the tree?
See, see, see?
Help, Jim, help!  Get me out of this tree!
Lets walk down the hill.
Here comes Lori!
Here comes Denise!
Here comes Donna and Dianne!
Whoosh!  Swoosh!
Plop!  Plop!
See the lodge?  See the fire?
Let's warm our hands and drink hot chocolate!
Jim and Eleanor had fun that week.
Swimming, sleeping, hot-tubbing, eating.
But NO skiing!
no, no, no!

This page is soon to be filled with your memories so please e-mail your memories to me @

My favorite memory is the time Lori wanted a new stingray bike.   It looks similiar to a BMX bike with long handlebars and a banana seat.  She was just about eleven years old. Grandma and Grandpa were were united in saying that it was out of the question, she didn't need a new bike, the one she had was just fine, and that it was just too big an expense.  As time went on, Lori continued to beg and plead her case.  Grandma and Grandpa held firm.  However Grandma finally could bear it no more.  She just didn't want to see her hurt on Christmas morning.  Grandpa came up with a great idea and started to tell Lori that her old bike would look great with a banana seat and new handlebars.  For weeks he and Lori bantered back and forth about how it would look.  Christmas finally came and there under the tree was a set of handlebars and a banana seat.  After much propting by grandpa Lori went out to the garage to get her old bike.  There in front of the door was the rest of her new bicycle.
Lori has been the brunt of many of the family's Christmas jokes.  Ask her about the time she received a polaroid camera.
Aunt Donna

     The first Christmas that I remember with Dad was when I was about 5.  Of course it was still very dark outside when the four of us girls tumbled out of bed and raced to the tree to see what Santa had brought!  I found the the most wonderful tiny, red wagon that was just long enough for me to sit in and be pulled around the house by my sisters.  (I later learned that my Dad had been up until the wee hours, constructing the train and other toys from parts.)  I also got a family of stuffed animals --- the three bears -- who traveled around with me in the wagon, inside the house, all morning.  Dad loved to turn on the lights, and it seemed like the room danced with tinsel and Christmas red ornaments, with the fresh pine scent of the tree filling the room. Dad sat in the chair and watched as each present was opened, enjoying just being with his family.  Later, he pulled me in the wagon, with Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby bear all comfortably seated on my lap.  He loved to have orange juice with champaagne on Christmas morning, and still does! 
                                                            -by Lori Creasey  

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